Linx Headquarters by AREALIS, São Paulo – Brazil

September 13th, 2017 by retail design blog

Aiming to translate the company´s virtual world into a physical space, the project seeks to create a balance between the digital era, efficiency, well-being of employees. The project consisted in the creation of one of the leading companies in retail software new main office, situated in São Paulo, which allocate 1,200 of the 5,000 employees in Brazil in 6,000m2 at the Birman 21 building.

The architectural concept was born of an abstract deconstruction of the logo of the company, which was recently remodelled due to the current innovative will of the brand. The analysis of the logo emphasized both Cartesian (such as precision and solidity-two axes of physical support), and organic approaches, evoking freedom and creativity (colour and peripheral geometry).

We applied all these characteristics in the conception of the project. The first impression of the company, the reception, values ​​the Logo and its strong relation to technology: A holographic projection translates the movement of the logo and the company´s innovative values. The visitor is then led into the logo in a condition of almost subliminal perception: within the showroom, he is in the “heart” of Linx without acknowledging it.

In this fluid, organic space, the guest has an interactive experience with technology and the company´s world through films and corporate content projected on all curved wall surfaces. The space is the materialization of the logo: Organic and curved elements distributed around the internal street determine the spaces, a walk that connects in a harmonious way all the spaces of the company (show-room, staff tables area, collaborative spaces, confluence points, directors’ rooms, training rooms, etc.).

The open staff area was designed to promote integration, conviviality and collaboration among employees. Directors benefit from closed glazed rooms: privacy is respected, but eye contact with employees is preserved. Everyone has easy access to shared desks and informal meeting rooms for quick and informal meetings. Fab-Lab and War-room favour at any time the collaborative work and the development and sharing of new ideas as this spaces are distributed in strategic places along the street.

These meeting spaces varies from completely open spaces to acoustically insulated rooms to better meet the demands of any type of task. On each floor, the rest area, dedicated to interactions between the collaborators, is located in the most privileged place of the building: a glassed-in terrace with a breath taking view of the city.

Photography: Maíra Acayaba

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