Awakening by deFORMA Estudio Creativo, Guadajalara – México

September 26th, 2017 by retail design blog

Awakening, name of the new line display designed for Duraplay. Which is based on the relationship between the products of the company with nature, so the intention was to make people connect with it by means of elements that simulate mountains or with objects that allow to observe it, such as the focus frames. This way, it is easier to give a sense to the existing analogy between these elements when it comes to knowing the new product.

The Project Awakening consists of the presentation of the new line of woods from Duraplay. For this, different elements were created to help with the interpretation of the concept and the objective of demonstrating the products. On one hand, the elaboration of screens made with the wood from the new collection, alternating them every time with a darker color creating this way a landscape of reliefs.

On the other hand, is the elaboration of frames of focus, which were created under the same concept of adding wood sheets, but this time placed in pairs, with separation between them and where the cut of the frame were getting smaller each time. These products were distributed around the plant in such a way as to create a route through which one could observe both the woods pretending to be a mountainous landscape, and the focus sculptures that framed a landscape from the outside.

Design: deFORMA Estudio Creativo

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