BOLD Men Beard Grooming branding by Braind

September 27th, 2017 by retail design blog

Strong, brave, BOLD. These are the characteristics that describe our customers. We were to create the concept and packaging of fully handcrafted beard care products line. In the base of the concept laid the naming that we got immediately after the whole idea and the products were presented to by two passionate bearded guys.

For the logo, we replaced letter “O” with the symbol of masculinity. Then we took “Bold” and put it in the frame which bound all the elements and finalized the image and made the second element of the logo “men” smaller and moved it to the second framed cell to keep the bold accent on “BOLD”.

Every uniquely handcrafted scent pushed us to create awesomely different names and colors that hint the bearded guy or his girlfriend which one to choose to find perfect match for his personality. Moreover, every little bottle of beard oil is made of colored glass so that the dark label we designed creates contrast and looks awesomely emphasized.

Design: Alexandr Hovhannisyan / Braind

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