Universal Building Products Showroom by Casey Chua / ADX Architects, Singapore

October 24th, 2017 by retail design blog

Universal Building Products, Singapore is a specialist supplier of tiles. The space was a 2000 ft2 open concept platform that was to be their first showroom for their products. Besides showcase the large range of homogeneous and ceramic tiles, the area was to cater for a discussion and consultation area. Their target audience was for architects and designers as well as developers.

The inspiration for our design came from the idea of showcasing the tiles akin to art work in a gallery. The minimalist aesthetic accentuated the products. A black and white theme was chosen to be a neutral background for the materials that were being showcased.

The entrance opens the visitor to the wide range of products that the company carries. The main signage greets the visitor upon entry, utilizing a background of marble look tiles in random cut layout. Timber look homogeneous tiles announce the entrance. The rest of the showroom uses a mix of polished and matt finish white tiles that simultaneously absorb and reflect the warm ambient lighting. We designed continuous horizontal shelves which were illuminated by LED strip lighting. The tiles were categorized based on their unique designs, materiality and size.

Design: Casey Chua / ADX Architects
Photography: Edward Hendricks

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