Anna Skye Jewelry Boutique by ALLDESIGN, Beijing – China

October 27th, 2017 by retail design blog

ALLDESIGN is an interior design studio based in Paris and Shanghai, led by head designer Liang LIANG & Hugo MEYER. Specialized in commercial space design, the studio makes efforts in combining European architect language with Chinese cultural elements. The most recent work: Anna Skye is one of the examples. Anna Skye is a luxury jewelry brand from London, England, since the beginning, the brand search to combine the beauty and the emotion.

The very first concept store in China is located in the heart of Beijing, Wangfujing Oriental Plaza. The interior design for Anna Skye Beijing is inspired by Anna Skye’s romantic lovebirds story: a lovebird named Blue falls in love with another lovebird named Green, but it is a taboo to love birds with different colors, they eventually turned into each other’s color and live happily ever after.

By extending the story, the entire store creates a natural scene as if we walk into the Green and Blue’s love nest, the use of soft pink and gray leads the customers to a journey of mood, to feel the eternal emotion through out time and space. Being a rectangular space, the designer used blooming leaves in the background to catch customers’ eyes, seduce him to the come inside the store to sit and try.

The window of the door side simulates a bird’s nest on the branch, movable with the rail on the top;the Showcases are the core of the shop, the designer sees them as trunks in a forest, it builds a foundation rooted into the earth; the light on the top are as moonlight on the wings of Lovebirds, vaguely shining; the wall paintings are decorated with beautiful jewelry. The table for customers to try simulates the shape of Lovebirds’ feathers, echoes to the flowers on the wall.

The designer creates a wonderful shopping environment in only 32 square meters space with well-planned window display, showcases, wall display, check out space, storage space, try-on section, and all the props are tailored made. By understanding the beauty and love of Anna Skye, the designer interpreted the brand spirit into a fine shopping space, to preserve the beauty and love by design.


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