Escriche, cultura del sabor by Estudio Vitale, Castellón de la Plana – Spain

October 30th, 2017 by retail design blog

Starting from the experience and know-how of the Escriche butchery, run by the fourth generation of the family, this new business is an evolution of butchery towards food store. Betting loudly on prepared, cooked and elaborated products of homemade style, with local cooking recipes receipts and the flavours of the past.

Under the slogan “flavour culture” (“cultura del sabor”) as Communication strategy, Vitale designs a space with a relative inspiration in a traditional kitchen, which aims to make visible a homemade, healthy and natural food. Located on the ground floor of an old building in the old center of the city, Theproject rescues existing architectural elements, such as wooden beams and the vaults of the original ceiling.

The distribution of the store (of just 35 m2) is studied in detail to situate the refrigeration showcases for fresh products, the exhibition of packaged products, the workbench, and the waiting area. The design introduces details and winks that reinterpret some of the typical concepts of the kitchens of a lifetimeThe packaged products are displayed in backlighted larders that are framed with ceramic tiles 20×20 cm in a diamond pattern.

In addition to the sale at the counter, the customers can find products or consult recipes and product information in books and magazines while waiting. This complements the purchase and the brand perception in a global way. The lighting is solved mainly with a track pendant LED spotlight system that incorporates several openings, tones and intensities to highlight differently each type of product.

The facade follows the same philosophy as the interior with a design that gives the aspect of family and traditional trade. The materials used (wood and tiles) and the palette of natural colors get a warm, homey nostalgic space that transports us to home-made, everyday flavours and healthy food.

Design and photography: Estudio Vitale

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