Xanverí, the first restaurant of chef César Anca by estudi{H}ac, Madrid – Spain

November 10th, 2017 by retail design blog

Xanverí, Mediterranean maturity with a Castizo spark. César Anca, one of the most renowned and respected chefs in Alicante, is back in the neighbourhood where he was born, Chamberí. He loves Alicante, the city where he has managed his own restaurants for 20 years and that has helped him grow personally and professionally. In Alicante, the chef has gained a deeper understanding of cooking by incorporating new influences and styles.

He has placed his trust in the interior design studio estudiHac to realise his new culinary project in the capital city. Xanverí is much more than just a restaurant. It is a culinary proposal in a space filled with tradition and design. The history of the neighbourhood, its origin –which dates back to Napoleonic times– and its architecture are the common thread that inspires José Manuel Ferrero, creative director of estudiHac to create and make this new project unique.

“Chamberí is the quintessential neighbourhood. It is the heart of the city –rich in history, culture and architecture. This is where we find the essence to choose textures, colours and geometric shapes. We take the elements in Chamberí and bring them to the present. That is our strategy. We create a modern, elegant and contemporary style. It will be the avant-garde restaurant in the city –a place to enjoy a sophisticated, high end atmosphere”. says José Manuel Ferrero.

The aim of the interior design project is to create elegant, quiet spaces that feel mature and intellectual, adding the depth and temperance of a calm sea –it is the Mature Mediterranean. The textures are perfectly harmonised with light touches of the Mediterranean and they also have a spicy but sophisticated touch –the Castizo spark.

Design: estudi{H}ac
Photography: Carla Fuentes

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