Comet Meetings Office by Artdesk Group, Paris – France

December 5th, 2017 by retail design blog

Artdesk Group designed the space for meeting venue company Comet Meetings, located in Paris, France. Comet Meetings offers companies the opportunity to rent spaces dedicated to active, responsive, creative and interactive meetings or seminars. It opened its doors early September in the heart of Paris in an industrial building of a former factory.

This first location was designed and built in cooperation with Artdesk Group. The 1,500 m2 have been designed in a flexible and functional ecosystem of 14 seminar rooms and large common spaces. The aim was to create a cozy atmosphere for efficient meetings by stimulating collective intelligence, productivity and well-being in an exceptional place.

Comet Meetings is furnished by Kidimo, a subsidiary of Artdesk Group. Kidimo adds extra soul to Artdesk Group’s creations by looking for vintage furniture, charming objects, but also iconic items linked with the brand, its activity and the spirit of the place.

This unique decorative touch gives the spaces a singular originality. Kidimo has found for Comet Meetings nearly 500 ancient objects on the theme of space and space conquest including a cosmonaut 2 meters high; rockets, shuttles and other robots occupy each floor of the building.

Designer: Artdesk Group
Photography: Jared Chulski

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