3D storytellers installation for Parra Store by Alan Khadikov, Moscow – Russia

December 22nd, 2017 by retail design blog

3D storytellers is a set of visual displays aimed to identify Parra furniture brand outside Parra Store in a certain mall by giving customers a brief and interactive impression of what Parra furniture is. All these objects – whatever they were – a vertical flat panel or a table with mockup – bring to the viewers the idea of what the furniture is made of, how the manufacturing process is organised and what kind of furniture one may find in Parra brand store.

“Such a simple idea to create a family of visual storytellers became true due to the necessity of identification the brand within a huge space of retail mall where customers get lost and simply may not reach my client – Parra furniture store” – says Alan Khadikov, designer of this 3d navigation system.

All the parts or – in other words – the heroes of the story are produced from wood in a manner of pictogram so people could “read” easily – just like when you ride a car and see a traffic sign – you intuitively catch the message and make a decision whether to go – right or left.

Design and photography: Alan Khadikov

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