5Essence store by Beformstudio, Saint-Petersburg – Russia

December 26th, 2017 by retail design blog

This is the brand-new Beformstudio’s concept designing for the shoe store, 5Essence. At first sight the interior looks completely contemporary, but as you travel within the space of this shop it is possible to see many subtle details of vintage style which blends harmoniously with modern design.

As an architectural studio we managed to present to our client not only this design is functional and appealing for the customer, it can also give an insight into a unique atmosphere for buying shoes and having a perfect understanding of our interior story.

The elements for example, like the varnished furniture, are made from various species of trees like nut and rosewood and combined with the black leather armchairs provoke emotions of a 1960’s setting to help the client remember this shop.

Nevertheless the availability of stainless steel furniture, concrete tables and illuminated displays make the visitor feel in a completely contemporary environment. We are then able to adapt this concept to modern times, therefore making the shop the most attractive to a wide commercial audience.

Photography: Olga Karataeva

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