ÁERON Pop-up Store by 81font Architecture & Design, Budapest – Hungary

February 10th, 2018 by retail design blog

Being present in so many countries around the world, the rapidly growing Hungarian contemporary womenswear brand ÁERON aspired to create a store in its hometown, Budapest. After a collaboration with Budapest-based 81font Architecture & Design, the first Hungarian ÁERON pop-up store opened its gates in one of the main spots of the city’s Fashion Street. As the store’s huge portal windows provide immense amount of light, the design team emphasized the natural aspect of the place by using only simple wooden structures, rattan furniture and placing a variety of plants in the store.

The store is honest about its temporariness, but the bare OSB ceiling and the raw pinewood structures work well with the more sophisticated materials, such as velvet and kraft paper, that the studio borrowed from the fashion industry to soften the general impression. Overall, the pop-up feels warm, welcoming and elegant in spite of having been built from mostly low cost and bare materials.

Design: Péter Szendrő + Balázs Hudy / 81font Architecture & Design
Photography: Dömölky Dániel, Földi Ádám

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