Hogan boutique by Checkland Kindleysides, Milan – Italy

February 26th, 2018 by retail design blog

Elegant, but soulful. Exclusive, but shoppable. Checkland Kindleysides’ first store for luxury Italian footwear brand Hogan, blends classical origins with contemporary style, as they define how the brand is expressed within a physical space. The boutique is located on one of Milan’s most fabulous shopping streets, Via Montenapoleone, sitting alongside the topmost luxury brands. Central to the design is a sculptural interpretation of ‘movement’. This draws inspiration from the work of Umberto Boccioni, in particular, his masterpiece ‘Unique Forms of Continuity in Space’.

Design highlights include;
– ‘Gallery Plinths’ – bold, sculptural ‘Gallery Plinths’ punctuate the space. These wedge forms take inspiration from the idea of a ‘stride-in-motion’ and present footwear on minimal inclined surfaces.
– ‘Movement Walls’ – behind the frosted glass, animated patterns on LED mesh curtain graphically express the dynamism of the city.
– ‘Host Bar’ – crafted from polished, black marble. Here customers can have products explained, presented and delivered.
– ‘Curving Glass Staircase’ – after descending this elegant feature the customer reaches the lower ground floor. This space has an intentional pace change and invites you to indulge and socialise.
– ‘Customisation Bar’ – mirroring the materials of the host bar and located on the ground floor, dynamic cantilevered forms conceal a hidden display screen. Here customers can create their own style by customising product.

This exciting, contemporary retail expression of the Hogan brand is the first of its kind. Following its debut in Milan, the design provides the creative blueprint for further retail environments and brand experiences all over the world. Sergio Azzolari, General Manager of Hogan said,
“Versatility is the keyword. We created a luxury urban environment for the luxury urban consumer, where every element is the quintessence of the brand’s natural empathy. An all-round experience of cosiness and wanderlust”.

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