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Australian designer Marc Newson has created a range of clothing featuring bold graphics for clothing brand G-Star RAW. The collection includes t-shirts, hooded jumpers and jackets with printed outlines in contrasting colours and metallic finishes. The jeans in the range feature fake turn-ups that are in fact printed onto the fabric and other motifs reference Newson’s interest in space travel.

Since 2003, G-Star has been collaborating with the noted industrial designer Marc Newson on a number of mainline and limited-edition clothing collections that have fused high-tech materials with casual designs. The result is an evolving range of unique luxury street wear. For Spring/Summer 2011, the G-Star RAW by Marc Newson program continues his exploration of two key themes: the simplification of line through technical construction techniques, including single-piece arms and minimal seams; and the bold use of amplified, almost cartoonish style, graphics.

One of the highlights of this seasons’ collection is the Sokol Space Hooded Jacket, which features an enlarged graphic of an astronaut’s suit. The zipper runs over the front of the hood, enabling it to fully close, while keeping visibility through a silver mesh fabric. The same graphic is used for the Sokol Space Shirt. Another recurring print is an oversized, chunky zipper graphic, as seen on the XL Zip Hooded Vest and the XL Zip Shirt. All shirts in the G-Star RAW by Marc Newson program are available with graphics in a contrasting or silver metallic colour.

The pant section of the G-Star RAW by Marc Newson program plays with a fake-theme. The Fake Turn Up Denim for instance, incorporates a printed selvedge turn up on the outside of the pant, while the Ghost 5620 Chino features stitching that mimics the look of the G-Star Elwood. As with all of Marc’s collections, the overall result is a sophisticated range of leisure wear that appears simplistic on the surface but reveals its complexity and detailing the more you investigate. G-Star RAW. Just the Product.

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