G-Star Raw ferry

June 30th, 2011 by retail design blog

Denim brand G-Star Raw‘s interior design team has fitted out a ferry on the river Amstel in Amsterdam.

The RAW Ferry 01, which launched in August, is part of a series of projects which explore the application of the brand’s aesthetics to objects other than textiles.

G-Star Raw says the design focuses on using “natural and raw materials such as wood, leather, canvas and steel.”

Eighty years after its original baptism, this 1927 original Central Station ferry has been turned into a luxury canal boat by Denim brand G-Star Raw.

The RAW Ferry 01 is the latest asset to the brand’s RAW Cross Over Concepts: projects that showcase experiments in creating forbidden combinations and applying the brand’s renowned design aesthetics to objects other than textile. In 2005, this has already led to the making of the RAW Defender 110 Station Wagon in unique collaboration with established car brand Landrover.

Every element within the interior is designed and developed by the G-Star Interior design team using natural and raw materials such as wood, leather, canvas and steel. The outdoor area is fully topped with a canvas cover complete with detachable windows while the indoor area has a fully automatic sliding roof, so the ferry can be brought into action for promotional activities in any weather. A dividing glass door gives access to the indoor seating area and bar.

Materials and surfaces:

  • Aged grey herringbone teak floor;
  • Glass dividing door inside / out;
  • Perforated imitation leather ceiling;
  • Indirect lighting behind waved plates;
  • Canvas/leather upholstery on seating;
  • Bar finishing with raw stainless steel, teak and brass nails;
  • Indoor and outdoor refrigerator, storage;
  • Custom made G-Star steering wheel.

The RAW Ferry 01 offers hospitality for up to twenty-five guests. The boat will be in the VIP Watertaxi canal fleet all year round.

RAW Ferry 01 is another example of G-Star’s typical exercises in product development. As in its clothing collections, authentic details and industrial elements are to be discovered in the RAW Ferry 01, with an extensive eye for detail. A traditional and typical Dutch tourist asset is now executed in raw luxury.


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