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The creative redesign of one of Spain’s most emblematic pharmacies and one of the oldest (1855) in the capital. C/ Arenal 2. 28013 Madrid. Spain
Original, traditional, trusted, with a perception of low prices, elegant, modern and natural. This is image of the new Arenal2 pharmacy. The project was conceived with the goal of improving the buying experience and clearly transmitting the unique philosophy of Blanca Cabello de Alba. With no structural renovations and without closing the pharmacy. The floors, ceilings and lighting weren’t touched.

We achieved these results with a new organisation of the space and new way of presenting the product. Redesigning means taking maximum advantage of existing resources. We panelled the furniture to create a new visual merchandising style that was appropriate for the different product categories: Skincare, First Aid, Children, Oral, Natural Medicine, OTC.

The customer will find pallets, cardboard boxes, employee portraits, blackboards with recipes, moss, decorative vinyl and background music. The modern touch was provided by the design of a counter in the form of a cross for the main cash register and prescription medicines area.

Creativity and Project Management: Carlos Aires
Sketches and Ilustrations: Elena de Andrés
3D Design: Alejandro Andreu
Delineation: Juan José López Cámara
Photography: Luis Sánchez de Pedro Aires de Airesphotostudio
Visual Merchadising: Carlos Aires, Itziar Esteban Infantes de Borja, Silvia Bellisco

Communication from the shop window – The cross

The idea came from thinking about how to clearly transmit the selection of products available at the Arenal2 pharmacy.
We focused on three elements: The cross, our product and the lighting.
Four shop windows totally filled with products organised by category, colour and shape, where the only empty space is the outline of a cross in LEDs.

Materials: DM background + Pharmaceutical product + Strings of LEDs.

Creativity and Project Management: Carlos Aires
Sketches and Ilustrations: Elena de Andrés
Assembly: Itziar Esteban Infantes de Borja.

MARKETING-JAZZ creative store design
Huelva 16, Bloque 2, Estudio 54
28100 Alcobendas, Madrid Spain
T: + 34 91 484 02 30

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