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De Gusto can be defined an “italian pasta University”, it is a tasting hall located inside Surgital industrial complex in Lavezzola (RA), leading company in deep frozen pasta exportation.
The hall is a culinary laboratory and it represents the heart of the “Research&Development” department. It is really important becouse it is the kitchen where Surgital can connect with its customer and promote its work.

The opening party was directed by the international chef Gianfranco Vissani and many public officers were invited to the event. A special menu was created and cooked inside De Gusto kitchen, pasta was obviously the main element. The menu was richly completed with “Divine Creazioni”, the excellent fine line.

The idea of De Gusto rises up from the necessity of creating a representative room as a memorable end of the visiting path of the company, everyone can observe excellent chefs cooking.
“Every week we host restaurant owners and usually we offer tasting samples of our product at the end of the visit” says Elena Bacchini – Surgital Marketing Director – “we usually contact external famous chef to create culinary experimental events”.

The interior design is functional, rigorous but minimal and simple. Eachone can easly individuate all function and enjoy them naturally. The open space is divided into a technologic interactive kitchen and in a sort of big lecture hall. Couples of long wooden tables, where about eight people can take a sit, are placed each one on a step of a huge stair in front of the kitchen. Visitors can observe excellent chefs cooking and then taste their creation prepared with Surgital product.

A technologic heart of professional devices is the real heart of the kitchen, covered with caracatta marble, the one traditionally used as table to prepare hand made pasta. Next to it there is a 15 meter long table with thirty stool to watch the preparation from the first line.

Main characters of De Gusto are materials and textures. Grey concrete floor, porous brushed oak wood forniture, caracatta marble veins, japanese barely wall paper create a domestic and familiar atmosphere that exalt pure, essencial volumes.

Nature and Technology are strictly connected: a vertical garden goes with visitors along entrance stairs and inside all fine senses are stimulated.

De Gusto confirms the high quality of Made in Italy, as Surgital does it constantly exporting its products all over the world. The great result is due to the ability of architects C+L Studio to mix traditional culinary elements, proposed in an upgraded contemporary layout togheter with Costa Group, and technologic devices, audio and video system.

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