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Papabubble, the artisan candy shop, Yokohama was designed by Japanese designer Yusuke Seki in collaboration with Jaime Hayon. A Japanese Interior designer, Yusuke Seki has recently been working as an Art Directer and Interior designer. He is now designing a Papabubble in Amsterdam, which will be the second launch in the Netherlands.

Papabubble are Caramels Artesans started in Barcelona in 2004, and has since launched all over the world. The candies are all hand made, and shows the process of making candy for a customer, and in doing so, entertaining kids and adult viewers alike. The shop design resembles a laboratory, and shows off the finely presented hand made look of these experimental candies.

Yokohama is the third shop in Japan. The difference between this shop and most others is that it is especially design focused. Up until now, Papabubble shops have been designed based on a laboratory style. However, this latest store was designed by Yusuke Seki with Jaime Hayon, and you can trace their strong and unique design values in the fine decorative details of the work.

The location is in a business area of Yokohama – a bay near Tokyo – and the store is at the street level of a building which was built about forty years ago, which meant Seki needed to embark upon extensive renovation to the building. In emphasizing the new aspects of this design, Seki managed to create a strong correlation between INSIDE / OUTSIDE method.

Not only designing to focus on the interior design as a physical place to illuminate, Yusuke also integrated all relevant material such as location, architecture skin, time. For the purposes of continuity, Seki found and used the same tile material which was used on the outside wall forty years ago. This helps connect the outside wall with the interior wall, helping to ensure the authentic facade of the original building.

Because Seki’s space seems simple and the design focus is on presence of space, Jaime took on the challenge of decorating the space in a way that added a stronger sense of character and identity. Ordinarily, Papabubble stores use laboratory tools to demonstrate the experimental process of making candy, but on this occasion Jaime designed these tools deliberately with more personality and defined details such as windows and utensils.

The bottles were designed by Jaime and were inspired by the performance of candy by artisans. Bottles are normally an icon of Papabubble stores, but this time these are one-off originals made by Massimo Lunardon from Venice. These stunning crystal glasses are coloured by a range of liquids, this made the difference in the design from the other Papabubbles around the world.

Art Direction, Interior design: Yusuke Seki
Furniture Design: Jaime Hayon
Photos: Takumi Ota

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