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Splite is a series of design lights that create a personal emotion and atmosphere at home, at work and in public places. On May 6th , SPLITE will be launched on SPLITE connects world class design to personal preferences. With splite you can activate that special photograph of a loved one or that picture that means a lot to you and give them a special place in your personal space.

Make the place where you live feel even more like home. Create a sense of place at work that is typically you. Make an atmosphere in your restaurant, shop or venue that connects exactly with the mood you have in mind for the place.

This lamp is not finished without the owner’s personal contribution. We will use individual photographs and pictures that buyers select and send us to complete it. An advantage is that if they get bored, they will simply be able to replace these. Pictures provided to us will be mounted in the lights and will provide a spare set of pictures framed in fitting placeholders, so that from day 1 owners can start having fun by regularly changing the lights with great ease.

The idea and its story
The issue with many modern designs is that they are beautiful but at the same time they can often feel distant and cold. We are going to change that. Our lights connect top design with your individual emotions. This design realizes our passion to make great designs that are personal and atmospheric. We originally designed this project as an exhibition piece, bringing together photographs into a nice object. It was so unique and successful that we decided to bring it further to give more people access to this personal light. Now, we have developed a range of lights, based on the original idea. The different lamps can be used as hanging lights, wall lights or as table lights.

Making the splite series
Based on a single element, the lights can be put together in many sculptural and expressive combinations. This genereates a sheer endless variation of unique lights. The light is created through 3d printing, using laser sintering to shape a special form of nylon in an extremely economic way, that avoids waste and leftovers. The material is light, strong and the sintered surface has a nice tactile texture. The level of detail and control that are allowed by this production process is incredibly fine and exquisite.

Designed by Jaakko van ‘t Spijker & Paul van den Bergh / jvantspijker architecture urbanism

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