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This window has been designed for a specific product line named as Gods & Kings by Louis Philippe. A line that celebrates extraordinary men of rare breeding and sophistication. Lovingly worked upon by superior craftsmen, you will see the extreme attention to the minutest detail in every stitch. Truly a work of art, luxury apparel worth of none less than royalty or divinity. Louis Philippe Gods & Kings. For the Gentleman who rules the world.

As the introduction suggests about Gods & Kings product line, brand thought of presenting this category which is very well accepted by the consumers over the years in an impactful manner.
As we believe that Louis Philippe Gods & Kings is for the Gentleman who rules the world. We related the same to the essence of the game of chess, which just not signify power & authority but connects with those distinctive personalities who make strategies & execute the same in their fields. This is more to depict a certain lifestyle in a symbolic manner, where the impact of the window stays in the consumers mind.

Key Elements of the window revolves around the essence of standing out like a king when you dress in Louis Philippe & then the game of chess. Chess coins like King, Horse & Pawn. Where with the coin of king we have incorporated the element of metamorphosis with our merchandise – to communicate indirectly that to stand out like a king with our merchandise. As the factor of metamorphosis was incorporated in the concept, I had worked on the technical fitting of the bust form where the bust form & the coin of king are both made in FRP (Fiber reinforced plastic) with eco solvent print on vinyl for backdrops & sunboard cubes for giving an interest of 3d element, along with other chess coins like horse & pawn made in FRP.

This window is an exceptional window where we have treated it more like an art installation than regular windows, same is visible in details of each chess coin, which has been sculpted with utmost detailing. The concept gets carried in our stores on nesting tables as you enter along with a designated wall instore with Black & white merchandise only, so there is a connect with the window. It started implementing in all the stores- PAN India from 1st Oct. Louis Philippe presently has close to around 178 exclusive stores and counting with almost 3-4 new stores opening every month.

A legacy of over 20 years, a tradition of impeccable gentlemen’s wear, and of the Upper Crest being recognised as a mark of distinction by gentlemen with a discerning eye. And through it all, at the heart ofLouis Philippe has been just one thing – excellence. Excellence that demands going beyond boundaries, past achievements and ultimately, exceeding ourselves. And realizing that success and glory are mere milestones, not the end.

At Louis Philippe, excellence takes many forms. And manifests itself in many different ways. Fine craftsmanship and even finer fabrics; classic fits and the very latest in fashion; a fine eye for detail and a host of distinctive touches – the list truly goes on. The pursuit of excellence has ensured that we never stop improving, constantly innovating for the better. For as the wise know, excellence is a journey, not a destination. Window display of Gods & Kings is to strengthen the same.

Conceptualization & Prototype: Divya Krishna
Designation: Manager VM, Concepts & Creative’s
Visual Merchandising Head (VM Head): Srivatsa M

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