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Premier Dead Sea Cosmetics’ international brand’s concept store in Eilat. The store’s design sets the standard for cosmetics in Israel – both in terms of its innovation and in terms of monetary investment. This is the first collaboration between the Premier Dead Sea cosmetics brand and designer Oron Milshtein, heralding the opening of a string of new stores by the brand, designed by Milshtein.

Inspiration for the store’s design was drawn from the Parisian pharmacies of the 1920’s, combined with elements of art deco. This can be seen in the various brass pieces: the slim geometric embellishments, the prominent color pallet (gold, black and white) and in the items’ vertical positioning. The use of brass – a gold toned metal with deep shades and a rich texture – as the dominant material instills an elegant tone in the store’s appearance that combines well with the company’s products.

All of the display stands are made of brass, in addition to the faucets, tables, signposts and of course, the premier makeup table constructed from dozens of metal profiles and weighing over 300kg. The brass furniture and design items were prepared by handpicked craftsmen and were all handmade with the highest level of craftsmanship. On both sides of the store, in between the main stands, are treatment booths with a more intimate vibe where the company’s representatives can assist each customer in finding products, personally tailored to her needs.

The main concept is water, imbuing a peaceful, clean purity. This comes into play through a waterfall, gently spilling onto black shale stones (handcrafted by an artist), the smooth stream pebbles strewn throughout the store and two basins placed at the center of the space. These elements seem to bring nature into the store and are reminiscent of the source of the store’s products – the Dead Sea.

The counter is situated at the heart of the space with two basins. There, clients can experiment with the products, and after washing their face with water can personally experience their efficacy. Most of the activity takes place around the basins, resulting in a pleasing and dynamic shopping experience. The stone’s dark shades – the shale and stream pebbles, along with their rough texture, accentuate a dramatic contrast with their bright and gentle surroundings.

The flooring is made of nut brown triple layered parquet unique in its multiplicity of shades and winding lines, whose appearance reminds the viewer of the breathtaking desert landscape surrounding the Dead Sea. A salt room, known for its healing properties, is located in the store’s backside. The entire space is covered in a unique salt that provides a glaring white appearance and provides customers with a sense of peacefulness and intimacy. This room serves as a spa for treatments or rest.

The overall experience provided by the store’s design is that of relaxation and cleanliness. This is produced through the white drapes covering the space, the lit tables, the showcase stands and the gentle, golden construction made of slim brass poles. The designer probed the smallest resolutions when designing the space. Product placement around the store is also part of the overall aesthetic concept, including the product’s positioning in a manner that compliments both the packaging and the space. The design is very clean and meticulous to emphasize the great variety of products and create a distinction between each unique product line.

Photography by Elad Gonen

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