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Festka Bicycles, a young, progressive, Czech bike company that designs and hand-makes unique, tailored bicycles and accessories that introduced at NAHBS 2014 (North American Handmade Bicycle Show, March 14-16th) in Charlotte (US) the new Titanium frames (The Mist and The Root) and its guru Svatopluk Zatloukal (former head of bicycle construction in Morati). We are proud to have a real master in our team. A person who has devoted his life to titanium and whose experience is defined by milestones in the cycling history. In the early 90’s he was head of the cycling production in Morati. Titan cranks produced there in 1994 were his first success and many more followed. We are happy to introduce Svatopluk Zatloukal, the guru behind Festka titanium frames The Mist and The Root.

FESTKA introduced its new Art Collection featuring Tomski & Polanski design
This year we have dressed one of our handmade frames in artful finish. At NAHBS in Charlotte, we introduced carbon Festka Urban Zero featuring Tomski & Polanski design. Illustrator duo literally put their four hands on the frame and turned it into a fully functional piece of art.

We aimed to build a bicycle suitable for work commute which would be service free, light and skillful. A bicycle that would represent its owner’s significance. The Urban Zero draws on our well-proven road frame of the original Zero but removes all of the complications, leaving a sophisticated but simple Gates Carbon Belt Drive system, leaving no other sound but silence. The gear ratio of 60-22 is well balanced to suit city rides as well as those out in the wild. It is the ultimate single speed in hilly terrain, and with a more classic road geometry is adaptable with many handlebar configurations. 50mm Rocket Wheels complete the art piece and unify the appearance.

Design of Festka Urban Zero is based on classic steel frames, which were always constructed with lugs. We decided to use the same style of linking with carbon because we like the way it looks. The secret of carbon tubes structure lies in a unique zero degree axial fiber laying process developed through an ongoing research, analysis and practical application. The difference that a few degrees make is pretty significant, we are talking about 15% in stiffness and up to 40% in strength. It is highly resistant to mechanical damage.

When Tomski & Polanski accepted our offer to design the frame finish, they came up with a theme that draws on the natural element of wind in its literal and figurative reach. Freshness, spontaneous power, the ever changing colors of the sky and the drifting of the clouds take you flying like the birds and lets you become an active part of the universe. The color scheme may remind you of a super hero and wake up the noble character in you. It also matches our national colors. “Captain Czech Republic conquers America.”

FESTKA also Introduced High Voltage cycling apparel collection
High Voltage is a brand that specializes in cycling apparel and pays extra attention to safety, quality, comfort and unique design.

At NAHBS this year we presented our spring/summer collection of jerseys and bibs that are unique in a whole new way. We stuck with the safety feature and extended our efforts to say something along the line: we heart art. Cooperation with ever so popular illustrators duo Tomski & Polanski has been one fine ride. Not only they cycle, which is awesome, but they love it and share our excitement to freshen up the kits with artful attitude.

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