REAC store by Reiichi Ikeda Design, Osaka – Japan

July 29th, 2014 by retail design blog

The brand concept of REAC is “Daily Life”, the client said. I think people keep making only small changes in daily life. I designed REAC to be a place which always welcomes any visitors. Therefore, I just quite naturally enhanced the brand characteristic, not tried to add up-and-coming design against reason. The shop is located in a shopping center, and gets no sunshine at all, and also the space is wide but shallow. It is seemingly an unfavorable condition, but I planned to daringly complex the flow line.

I sprinkled objects which are just like things between walls and furniture in the shop. It keeps visitors stay longer, and the optical barrier works as a small daily felt excitement. I also considered a color scheme for the entire space, and used antique finish to fit the intensity of brand concept. I hope that REAC will be a part of your daily life repeating every day.

Photography: Yoshiro Masuda
Design by Reiichi Ikeda Design

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