Mózes Csaba identity by zwoelf

August 3rd, 2014 by retail design blog

We had the chance to design the visual identity of Csaba, who was born blind. He is working as a masseur and wants to extend his clienture thanks to the new identity. We had two main aspects in mind: 1- to design an identity which somehow slightly reflects to his blindness 2- to design visual elements which can be scanned by Csaba’s fingers somehow The pattern reflects to the moves what Csaba makes during a massage. Pushing points, making longer moves etc.

After we had the pattern, we used transparent embossing gel to emboss the pattern and also marked the outline of the different design elements such as photos and texts. In this way Csaba could scan the design with his fingers and could have a “picture” of the identity and design.

Designed by zwoelf


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