Almacenes Siman department store by FRCH, San Rafael – Costa Rica

August 15th, 2014 by retail design blog

FRCH Design Worldwide, a leading global retail and Mixed-Use architecture firm announced today the completion of its work with Alamacenes Siman, a holding company that owns and operates Siman Department Store. Siman engaged FRCH to imagine and implement a new retail experience and lifestyle prototype for the Siman Lifestyle Department Store on a three-level, 115,715- square-foot space located in San Rafael, Costa Rica. Siman Department Store was founded in 1921 and is the largest and only department store chain throughout Central America, serving over 40 locations.

For Siman, FRCH developed a concept that could best serve the brands represented by the department store, with a fresh worldly perspective. The store’s entrance reflects this new perspective, as customers immediately enter a shop-within-a-shop, rather than a usual foyer. Customers are then led through an open area where brands have the opportunity to communicate with consumers through a lifestyle setup that combines accessories and fashion in a highly coordinated effort to maximize the customer journey.

Photography: Paul Rivera at Archphoto
Design by Heesun Kim at FRCH Design Worldwide

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