Café BBong-Cha by Friend’s Design, Seoul – Korea

August 30th, 2014 by retail design blog

‘People making wellbeing Inc’ launched new café brand called . (‘Bbong-Cha’ means the mulberry leaf tea in Korea.) is not like existing café, all the coffee is based with concentrated mulberry leaf, beverage mainly with fruits added with mulberry base, it is a natural friendly brand providing beverage supporting health. By following management philosophy of putting customers’ health mostly importantly in every single product, main design is themed with ‘wellbeing’ and ‘nature’.

is focused at café and store, two characteristics to naturally combine, designed multi shop and used minimum material and colors to stand various brand and products out. Appropriately used wood’s beige color, white and green color to direct calm and vitality, and made to easily enjoy naturalism with a cup of coffee in everyday life.

Also to describe design factors extracted from mulberry leaf as ’s distinct concept, planed interior using Exposed mass concrete, Hanji(Traditional Korea paper), OSB plywood, and natural friendly materials which can bring out the property itself. Items such as display shelf bringing out wood texture, leaf hanging on top of OSB plywood, table finished with Hanji and counter are items raising the index of well being.

Diversify the shape of leaf and repeatedly showed different types of pattern on the wall and floor, also used various types of pendant on the line of lights. Also for the outside, used three colors which was used inside, applied façade boldly to anxious sensation of diagonal line, it showed psychological change according to color arrangement which focuses people’s attention.

In other words, due to same color diagonal line arrangement, it is sensuous not like inner calm, it evoke sweet and fresh atmosphere to draw out the attention of ’s main target of female in 20s. It is a healing space giving comfort in busy everyday life, sense nature and gain health through people making health, it can also be utilized as cure space enjoying relaxing time.

Design: Yang jin-young, Kwon Il-kwon / Friend’s Design
Design team: Choi Ju-young, Jeong Se-young, Park So-hee, Shin Hye-jeong

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