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Gavio is an audio lifestyle accessory company, producing mainly earphones, headphones and speakers. The amount of companies in this similar market sector is massive, hence they needed to stand out from the rest of the competition. Gavio is based in Singapore and is a relatively new brand which needs to garner brand awareness. The brief was to create a packaging that is unique and not found in the market. It has to stand out from the rest when the packagings are placed on the shelves, creating visually appealing attention. The brief also suggests focusing on the usage of environmentally friendly materials. On top of the said criterias, we included ways that could increase sustainability and brand awareness. We’ve been to tradeshows around the globe with Gavio, and we were told that consumers and distributors now recognise the brand because of its unique packaging.

The only aluminium packaging in the market (so far). Made 100% of recycled aluminium for the exterior. The internal earpiece is held in place with recycled foam. The hanging tabs are recycled nylon. With its unique colours available, coupled with uniquely squared shaped yet simple design, provides great visibility when placed side by side on the display shelves among its other competitors.

Branding and Recycling Awareness
The key idea was to also improve on branding and recycling awareness. We wanted to design a packaging that the users will keep and reuse after purchasing it. Keeping the packaging with permanent prints of the brand and product image on the aluminium box will greatly help to create brand awareness.

When the lid is opened, the foam holds the earphones snuggly in place to provide a neat and tidy presentation. The components are neatly packed and laid out strategically to minimize the overall size.

The Environment and Sustainability
The hook tab does not need additional glue or adhesives. A clever hole is punched at the top to slot the hook tab through. This helps to reduce costs and potentially harmful usage of adhesives, and also reduces manufacturing and assembly time. And we’ve made numerous measurement to find the perfect size for the packaging, meaning to say, future earphones will reuse the same packaging, the only change needed would be the graphics printed on it.

via Packaging of the World

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