Coin Hall restaurant by Sofia Gorelova, Moscow – Russia

February 5th, 2015 by retail design blog

Coin Restaurant is the restaurant on Pyatnickaya street with diverse haute cuisine and fine wine list. Coin is rather spacious, it will be ideal place to watch some important sports event as well as having a corporative banquette, fashion show, exhibition, presentation or concert there. The gastronomic conception is: familiar but highest possible quality food.

The main menu consists of European, Italian and Asian dishes. “Creating the dishes I often look through the notes I made in my journeys, sometimes I use the recipes from the childhood, that’s why our cuisine tastes very homemade. If we cook pasta or risotto, we adhere all the classical canons, but we use local season products”, – Andrey Antonov, chef.

In all the big Coin: a huge ceilings, solid hall area (400 sqm), a long row of windows, closet on 300 places – designers preserved the style decision originally inherent in the former Soviet printing house where the restaurant is located. Coin`s interior is neutral and minimalistic on purpose – it allows any kind of event to take place in it. Sole coloured ceiling and walls with a little art on it, black metal trusses under the ceiling, black leather sofas close to the walls, darkish and intimate bar zone.

The only bright detail of the interior is the video on plasma screens – colourful stains fusing around. Plasma screens are part of the conception of the place. Coin (opened in the beginning of Sochi Olympic Games) isn`t only a place for corporative parties, it is also a sports bar.

Photography: Julia Mayorova

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