Spillo Table by Extendo, Italy

February 18th, 2015 by retail design blog

«Spillo» table is the new idea of design made by EXTENDO, a brand 100% made in Italy, specialized in the design and production of interior design. The name «Spillo» in italian language means «Pin», since the innovation of this table is the top: it is in 6 millimiters HPL (High Pressure Laminate), milled around the edge to a thickness of just 3 mm, without give up the resistance.

Spillo – with its possible length of 3 m – is perfect both in office and home interior; occupying minimum space, it is a neutral addition to any interior design project. The product is personalized by the client who can choose the colour of the top (5 finishes available – white, black, chestnut, rope, linen) and of the framework (white, black, orange, green, blue). Last but not least, the eco-friendly attention: the raw materials composing the Extendo projects derive from a re-use process and are in turn recyclable.

Design: Extendo

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2 thoughts on “Spillo Table by Extendo, Italy

  1. aussieinasia says:

    Very elegant refined design, any sketchup models ?

  2. Mark Wesley says:

    These interior do complement the hard work someone has put on making the home. Need to admire both, the home builder and the one who design such masterpieces.

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