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The place that represent the nature, which resist the human beings to consume the existence of himself. In the place, natural wood that confined to concrete texture, get out of the dirty concrete texture and rise to blue ceiling which symbolize the sky in corner of place. The rising envelop the place like a net and as if it resist to touch itself. This idea overlap the logic of the casual shoes that display in the showroom. The exclusive visual designs that used on the walls, mean pollution of nature. Transparent epoxy’s thickness is 4 mm and it covers on land, so it simulate intensive water layer. This simulation represent that water bring to life the land and nature. Wilmotte & Associes design Mouette simmetrica lighting armatures were used on the ceiling. The armatures are like birds and they load dynamism to the place.

Design: Ayhan Güneri Architects
Photography: Ozan Önder

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