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The Golden Section Chair by James Wilkins for ART OBJECTIFIED

Elegant and masculine, modern and timeless, THE GOLDEN SECTION CHAIR embodies the revered concept of the Divine Proportion. The Ancient Greek theory of balance, nature, and harmony of relationships has been applied to create historical masterworks such as The Parthenon, The Taj Mahal and the Mona Lisa to name just a few. Additionally, architects of the modern era, such as Le Corbusier, have devoutly utilized the Golden Section to design many of the most iconic pieces of furniture in history.

The chair simultaneously expresses the intellectual gracefulness of Euclidian geometry, the modern, poetic minimalism of Mies Van Der Rohe and the wry wit and complex observations of Andy Warhol. The boldly scaled emblematic piece positions the sitter slightly back from center within the framework of the divine proportions and creates a realm of personal space in addition to visually punctuating its sculptural poetry.

THE GOLDEN SECTION CHAIR is offered in a softly luminous brushed ss with titanium gold plating, gleaming brushed or polished nickel (silver), brushed ss with titanium black plating, or in solid teak. The timeless art object will remain as an heirloom for generations. There are multiple leather options or a custom fabric piece can be created.

Length 101 cm (40 inches)
Height 72 cm (28 inches)
Width 72 cm (28 inches)

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