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Lindex has opened its first store in the UK, with a new concept by Checkland Kindleysides. The store has been designed to help Swedish brand, Lindex become a well-recognised and inspiring affordable fashion brand in the UK. The new interior design of the 10,500 sq. ft. store at Westfield, Stratford reflects the brand’s proposition, which offers a combination of Scandinavian roots with international influences. The store creates a stage for the product to shine, offering customers a world-class fashion experience, in a space which is effortless to shop.

We felt a resonance between our aesthetic intentions for the store and the Modernist Scandinavian design movement which looked at the functionality and simplicity of the form, combining modern materials and techniques with natural materials and craft to create functional objects with a positive emotional appeal. With this in mind each item of furniture was individually considered; when designing the fixtures and furniture we looked at materials that work well together and complement each other in the overall concept; creating clever little junctions in the furniture; small design details, but ones which add to the overall store concept and reflect the values and Scandinavian roots of the brand.

For the store in Westfield, the double height façade, gives a light and expansive view into the store. The 7m glazed window provides great opportunity for Lindex to showcase the brand, whilst to the right, the large entrance opens up to a sweeping oak stairway which takes customers up to the first floor mezzanine and the kidswear department; signposted by the floating kids’ display window. A backlit fretwork creates a textured backdrop for the framed graphics on the stairway wall. Taking inspiration from Lindex’s identity, we looked to their quirky ‘E’ and created an elegant pattern, which creates a statement in the stairwell and an ownable signature for the company. The ground floor of the store presents Lindex’s womenswear ranges, with seasonal looks and key product stories presented at the front of the store on the stairway, and around the store in fine black linear campaign frames.

To inspire Lindex’s fashion conscious consumers, who are united in the passion and appreciation of fashion and style, carefully edited collections are presented at the front of each of Lindex’s ranges. CK created bespoke fixtures including feature frames and tables, which are used throughout the store to present hanging and folded products, bringing Lindex’s latest collections to the fore. Creating interest around the perimeter of the store, further product stories are told via mannequins and through framed displays set against a range of light oak, white wood and polished plaster backdrops; sign posting ranges and ensuring ease of shop for Lindex’s customers. Lingerie (which was the foundation of the brand, when it was established in 1954), is displayed at the back of the store. The overhead beams create a more intimate space which leads on to the fitting rooms.

We opened up the fitting rooms to create an area which is more inviting and feels like part of the store. With relaxed seating set on a wooden floor and rug, with pendant lighting above; the waiting area has a warm and comfortable lounge feel. Whilst the spacious curtained fitting rooms feature generous hanging rails and seating as well as fixed and moveable mirrors for the optimum view.
Upstairs, the kidswear department uses the same design concept and materials palette across the fixtures, except from the fitting rooms and cash desk which are scaled down and incorporate a playful blue to create a point of difference between the floors. Downstairs, the cash desk creates a destination point, the 6m long copper fronted, lit desk provides a warm glow, set against a backdrop of light boxes featuring seasonal graphics, which slide away to reveal a pop of red.

Red accents and details reflect the Lindex’s trademark and logo. The brand red is used sparingly, to highlighting key touch points through thoughtful details; from the red pendant lighting flexes, to the coloured ends of POS blocks holding VM graphics and cupboard interiors. Premium materials including copper, brushed steel, various timbers, glass and polished plaster were selected not only for their aesthetic, but also for their durability and longevity: to create a store concept with a point of difference, that will set Lindex apart. The overall colour palette is light and clean, with touches of black and wood. Materials have been chosen for their texture; such as the grain of timber, brushed steel, brickwork and polished plaster finishes. With a focus on natural materials, blonde woods are used for many of the fixtures and in the fabric of the store, including the light oak staircase and flooring in the fitting rooms.

CK has crafted a distinctive retail experience that amplifies the brand, through a store concept that is agile, adaptable and unmistakably a house of Lindex brand experience. “We have transformed the space for our international customers. The interior really elevates the in-store assortment and gives customers the best shopping experience” Henrik Rosenlund, Store Concept Manager, Lindex. “We look forward to revealing the new interior design in London and gradually implementing elements of it in our stores internationally. Finally, we have opened our first store in the fashion capital of London! We have been preparing for this moment for a long time and I’m very proud. The new store, with our new store concept, looks absolutely stunning and is truly a world-class fashion experience. I’m so glad that we now get to meet new customers who want to invest in our affordable and inspiring fashion,” says Ingvar Larsson, CEO at Lindex.

Design: Checkland Kindleysides

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