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Xtep is a large fashion sports goods company in China. Impacted by mobile Internet and E-commerce, traditional physical stores are losing their value. In the first- and second-line markets, sportswear is not a part of everyday dressing of consumers any more. The emerging fast fashion brands have rapidly won over some customer groups that originally belonged to sports brands. Ziyang puts forward the new strategic slogan “Reform” for Xtep and creates the concept of “Visible future retail”.

Ziyang proposes solutions that integrate into consumers’ lifestyle, that is, to gradually unfold consumption experience context and reconstruct strategies by relying on business cross-boundary thoughts to bring better experience to consumers. We transform the “square” elements of “screen” into basic modules for displaying props, and these simple “squares” artfully integrate into ubiquitous “touch lifestyle” in the mobile Internet era. The sportswear display and the touch screen in the story package are likely to provide more convenient and simple experience and services and share more interesting stories: “Consumer’s stories are always more convincing and powerful than the brand itself”.

The first floor is the setting of “Running Concept Experience Pavilion”. Human-computer interaction technique sweeping the world is adopted in the brand new AR Interaction Area, bringing more verisimilar experience to the interaction between virtual and real worlds. Through AR (reality-strengthening) technology, the virtual characters on the screen interact with real consumers and even take photos. After that, you can go to the third floor – the VIP Service Area to print photos and share the photos on the Internet communities such as Circle of Friends. The deep on the first floor is the “Flying Shoes” Motion Sensing Game Area, where you can control your favorite “Xtep Shoe Car” with your body movements and compete with your friends. The final scores will be included into the consumer awarding mechanism of the store.

The second floor is the setting of “Whole Series Sales Pavilion”. In the shopping place of more than 800m2 on this floor, the commodities with three major themes of sports, metropolis and life are displayed according to different story veins. The commodity display props are in flat and square shapes, presenting the sense of easy-to-reach favored by young people. The upright touch screen at side can help you match dressing as you wish and allow you to see the special charm of fashion sportswear earlier.

The third floor is the setting of “VIP Comprehensive Experience Pavilion”. Featuring cross-boundary integration, it creates more comfortable ambient experience. It is the foothold of Xtep’s “Perfect Experience”, and a cup of coffee and a cozy sofa can make consumers fully relax their body and mind on this wonderful walking street. The VIP service provided on this floor enables you to immediately participate in customizing your own clothing products and the running club activities organized by the store and to have the priority to experience new products of Xtep, and it can encourage young people to take exercise.

The experience store in Changsha is only the starting point for Ziyang to implement the strategy of “Retail Reform” for Xtep. The running club in the context of mobile social contact is a part of Xtep’s brand incentive plan. Through establishing an O2O-based ecosystem, it helps more young people cultivate sports habits, organize offline activities, invite professional runners, make running friends and rekindle their passion for sports.

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