Wyevale Garden Center by Dalziel & Pow, Shrewsbury – UK

June 9th, 2015 by retail design blog

Inspiration and hospitality are at the heart of Dalziel and Pow’s new store design for Wyevale Garden Centre, creating a complete lifestyle destination. Built from the ground up, the store in Shrewsbury features a dedicated education and service hub, The Greenhouse, where customers can browse a library of garden-related books, attend talks and watch demonstrations.

Two-thirds of the shop floor is dedicated to home and lifestyle product, while cross-merchandised VM spots and room sets provide seasonal inspiration. With ambient pendant lights and spotlights, the overall feel is closer to a fashion or homewares store than a traditional warehouse-style garden centre. Signposting wardrobes act as natural wayfinding aids to navigate shoppers around the 10,000sqm space. From ‘Kids’ to ‘Cook’, each department has a distinctive feel with different finishes and graphics, while a number of concessions are presented as standalone boutiques with their own entrances and windows.

Outside, more inspiration is delivered via a show garden displaying four different styles of garden that customers could achieve. These are joined by unique feature attractions including a sculptural metal and LED tree, and the world’s largest spade. The new centre is located on the former site of Percy Thrower’s Garden & Leisure and signals a confident new direction for Wyevale, the UK’s largest garden centre chain, following its rebranding in 2014.

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