“Cuts & Colors” Aris Kalathakis Hairdresser by Manousos Leontarakis & Associates, Heraklion City, Crete – Greece

June 25th, 2015 by retail design blog

A new project just got completed by the companyManousos Leontarakis & Associates. On Idomeneos 11 and Sapphous corner, the famous hairdresser ‘Cuts & Colors’ Aris Kalathakis has been renovated and opened its doors to offer its services to the residents of Heraklion City, Crete, Greece. With emphasis in natural materials, such as raw wood and plant panels on the walls, the new interior exaggerates the trend in natural.

Innovation in services is the Barber Shop which is divided from the wash basins with a specially crafted fountain to create a relative calmness. The raised area of the shop where the Barber Shop is created also consists a nail bar and a separated dying space where i-pads are provided for the entertainment of the customer. The interior get completed by the transformation of a real tree trunk into a reception with metallic leg and the special LED lighting.

Design: Manousos Leontarakis & Associates
Photographer: Yannis Fais

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