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The new Copernico Milano Centrale, the innovative workspace managed by COPERNICO – Where things happen, was officially inaugurated in November. The birth of this new workspace is the result of the years of property management experience in the sector of hospitality and workspace of the Windows on Europe Group. A new group will be established in January, Copernico Holding, with the mission of replicating (and continuing to develop) innovative spaces dedicated to smart working that can match the ongoing changes in the social and economic scenario.

The interiors of the Copernico Milano Centrale building (property of Fondo Immobiliare Cimarosa – Generali Immobiliari Sgr), which is in Via Copernico 38, have been completely renovated according to a Studio DC10 project. This site has been aggregating the most vital energies in the area and triggering virtuous processes of company acceleration since February 2015. In addition to knowledge, it allows individual participants to access suppliers, customers, partners, funders and professional resources.

Space, knowledge and networking are COPERNICO’s key words, which are interpreted in more ways than just smart working – they are a completely new way of thinking about workspaces. A reflection on the future and on comfort in workplaces have identified the major role played by the influence of design on people’s well-being and on the topic of ecocompatibility. COPERNICO has therefore decided to place individuals at the centre of complex and stimulating spaces, in which design proposals are conceived anew and sometimes re-designed to measure if standard solutions are not enough. Beauty, functionality, flexibility, motion and the continuous stepping between home and office are what the Copernican style vision is based on.

An example of this philosophy is Copernico Milano Centrale, 15,000 sq. m. of halls and offices designed by Studio DC10 and studied to create a system that answers to the ongoing changes in the labour market and that helps people and companies to grow. For this purpose, welcoming areas were built in a way that encourages activity-based work, maximises concentration and meeting people and favours people’s well-being.

Copernico was conceived with the intention of creating spaces in which to meet, discuss and relate. The perceived atmosphere is the result of the materials’ warm hues (an expression of Italian artisanal craftsmanship) blending with the functionality of furniture and accessories (which are inspired by northern styles). Natural curved wood (reinterpreted in artisanal key), completely unique customised woodwork by highly qualified wood furniture companies, sometimes made on request (such as the non-reception desk or the Theatre) are recurring elements in various parts of the building. They have been designed to combine pliancy with use for work activities (and leisure activities as well). Copernico stands out because it is a loft, a laboratory of ideas, somewhere in which settings follow settings in a continuum of elegant and welcoming spaces. Iron and glass inner doors that are reminiscent of the glass windows of artisans’ workshops and that divide halls and rooms, designer items, vintage elements, soft shapes and refined materials with an industrial ‘mood’ are the elements that create the building’s style and that adjust the halls and rooms to the purpose they are used for.

Copernico has tried to create the right setting for every occasion and need – the coworking and turnkey flexible hall for conferences, company presentations and meetings is a versatile solution in which two or more environments can be created in one space; the Theatre, in which multimedia contributions are the true stars; the club, a design loft that turns into a welcoming living room for meetings or to receive customers and guests in; the gym, which can also be used for special events or anniversaries; the Café and terrace which overlook the park, for aperitifs, company dinners, cocktails and after-dinner events; the agorà in which to share experiences and learn and, lastly, an outdoor area, a 2,000 sq. m. park for concerts, filming, shows or board meetings.

Photo credit Helenio Barbetta

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