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Japanese hotel serviced by robots aims to realize an entirely new low cost initiative.

In the heart of Nagasaki Japan, the ‘Henn Na’ hotel – which translates to ‘strange hotel’, is pushing the envelop of hospitality with robots at the front desk, porter and locker services and information room. The smart hotel aims to realize an entirely new low cost intuitive that provides a comfortable stay and world class productivity. 72 rooms of the 144 total rooms, will be headed by the Kawazoe Lab at the University of Tokyo to help with any design and technical problems that may occur. Further financial support will be provided by the the Kajima Corporation to see the success implementation of the endeavor. The robot staff will correspond appropriately according to customer information, and will communicate with enjoyable warm conversations.

According to the hotel guest’s preferences, they will have the option to stay in rooms without having a key. This is possible with the latest face authentication system which will register the user through image recognition and let them into the room. This will liberate guests from the hassle of carrying keys and the anxiety of losing them. Each room features the latest accommodations with modern design to provide a cool and stylish room that is essential for a comfortable stay. Temperature, curtains and lights can all be controlled smart tablet located on the bed side table for easy access.

The robot at the front desk
Next generation air condition embraces radiation panels, rather than the conventional air ventilation system. These panels conduct hot and cold air in the form of direct electromagnetic waves which travel from one solid to another, without any interference. This provides coolness by depriving direct heat from the body when it is hot, as well as the opposite, relieving it when it is cold. The ‘Henn Na’ hotel opened in July 2015, and hopes to showcase advanced implementations towards saving energy and automation for efficient productivity.

All images courtesy of Huis Ten Bosch / J-16683

The guests being escorted by porter robot

Hotel guests can use the robot arm corresponding to the locker

The face recognition system

The radiant panel inside each room

The condensation created by the panel

The concierge robot in each room

The room tablet terminal that controls all the features
via designboom

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