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From the outset it was clear that WARP had to offer something different, something based on my world, to gather all the ingredients to offer something unique. The philosophy of my design studio, estudi{H}ac, is based on the TAILORED DESIGN PROJECTS, visionary projects created for customers who want to bring a brand value. That’s what I tried to do with WARP, a unique collection inspired by and in honor of the tailors and textile world as this in all my projects and way of working. The study tailors each person and create patterns of work. Selected fabrics, colors and shades best suited to make every detail of the outfit into something unique. It is this same technique that has marked the design collection WARP.

The starting point was the creation of a single ceramic base. With a texture that conveys strength, grace and dignity. As a texture created and inspired by the most textile mechanics, its internal structure. The warp and weft are undone by creating a network of micro fibers, which will give the main character to the piece.

On this basis, two concepts have worked graphics. The first one is based on the first part of the process of making a suit, the pattern lines. With the game of these lines have been created by combining two pieces including will allow us to compose different graphs within the same space. We can create gradients for both wall or floor effects, create carpets or corridors, line effects, simple wide or, even more multitude of ideas to create unique spaces. Each of the creations that customers can compose a unique effect achieved with incredible detail, but always with the timeless and elegant touch. A series in which the color is important, a series with three basic colors and four color graphics applications. Anthracite, white bone, pumice stone and marsala ..!

The second graphic motif takes inspiration from different kinds of flaps of American men’s suits. With notch, peak, narrow, round, gondola, types, forms and ways have marked each of the times and trends in both male and female costumes. They have helped greatly to tailors, dressmakers and clothing designers to achieve beauty and sophistication. This idea has created six drawings of details of the cuts of the flaps including combined to create a more solid compositions with a randomly moire effect due to the gradient lines that make up each drawing. This part also color combinations worked well to close a complete, different collection that brings a touch of distinction in the world of ceramics. And with WARP we’ve managed to create a collection that meets all these requirements for UNIC spaces!

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