Hands & Heart Café on Freitag Pop-up Store by party/space/design, Bangkok – Thailand

May 19th, 2016 by retail design blog

Hands & Heart Café is the specialty coffee shop which is famous for specially selected coffee bean across 4 countries. The Hands & Head was decorated in minimal and modern which can reflect to the lifestyle and taste of customers. Although the decoration is simple but there is the perfect detail on it, likewise the coffee here. The barristers are not compromise on any process of making coffee, they pursue the perfect quality starting from planting, roasting, grinding,and brewing

Hand & Heart Café is located at the second floor of Freitag Popup Store, Siam square soi 11. Freitag is the designer brand bag which its uniqueness is using the recycle material from truck canvas, safety belt or even bicycle tire. Hands & Heart is decorated in minimal style with a dash of posh character from Freitag, this style is very connected to the target customer. Both of Hands & Heard and the Freitag have one thing in common which is the aluminum material. Aluminum reflect simplicity which can be transform and recycle to new things like the root of Freitag product. There is the aluminum box light hanging over the counter which made the counter area shine and outstanding from the rest of the room. Besides, all tables and chairs also made from aluminum which is the key character of the Hand & Heart.

The room is naturally lighten by the sunbeam through the big circle shape window. When you look at the window, you will understand the philosophy and concept of the Hand & Heard with the code state that ““LET’S START MAKING WITH YOUR HEART, THEN YOUR HANDS WILL BREW ALL THE REST”.

Designed by party/space/design

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