Thinkin’ Outside The Fox café by party/space/design, Bangkok – Thailand

August 2nd, 2016 by retail design blog

The key word of this cafe project is “ Thinking outside the box” which encourage us to initiate the new idea and and break all rules of interior design.

We have twisted the word and rephrase as “Thinkin’ outside the fox”. We have adopted the fox as the symbol of the cafe because fox is the clever animal. It is isolated and independent from the group of itself. The fox character reflect the style of the cafe which is independent and has its own uniqueness.

The structure of cafe is the 3 floors of commercial building. The designer has visualised the space as several boxes stacking on each others. The designer team have to restructure the building and make it look spacious and airy, like thinking outside the box.

After we had studied the building structure, we have created the key theme of the cafe, which are TREE, HINT, and LIGHT. In order to have these theme, we have to think outside the box and break all ordinary rules. Firstly, TREE. We use the from of tree which is the triangle shape to restructure the building. Then the building has the triangle roof likewise the big tree among Thonglor area.

Secondly, HINT. The hint of the cafe make it more fascinated among customer. We make the cafe look like the fox house which should have the foxes in it but suspiciously disappeared and remain only some hint in the cafe. We design the high wall of 9 meters which is resemble to the entrance way of fox cave.

Lastly, Light. As the building is slightly dark like the fox cave, we have designed that the light should naturally shine into the building like the sunbeam shine a light into the fox cave. Customer will enjoy the natural light and feel homie when staying here.

Inside the cafe has been divided into three areas, shop, dessert bar and dining area. When customer walking into the cafe, they will firstly impressed in cute collections of foxes then they will enjoy the food and beverage inside the cafe. The cafe was simply decorated as a white tone as a background which make the foreground of variety colour of dessert looking more interesting

If you are the fox lover and enjoy the natural and comfortable environment, we are surely that you will fascinated in The Thinkin’ Outside The Fox Cafe, the peaceful sanctuary among Thonglor area.

Designed by party/space/design

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  1. Awesome place to see. Thank you for sharing this.

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