Valtenna Box Factory lighting by Stefano Dall’Osso, Fermo – Italy

September 18th, 2016 by retail design blog

Stefano Dall’Osso and his work team designed the lighting project of the new Valtenna Box Factory in Fermo, one among the most renowned manufacturers of high-quality boxes, packages, cardboard and paper products. The Valtenna Box Factory is indissolubly linked to the countryside of the Marche region and, for this reason decided to create a new building in harmony with the rural surroundings – a place where nature, through great glass walls and thematic courtyards, enters inside the life of the building, according to the company philosophy that makes sustainability the fulcrum of its planning and manufacturing system.

The attention to the environment and the surrounding landscape led the designers towards the choice of natural materials, especially wood and glass, and particular solutions that made the lighting a demanding challenge that was embraced with enthusiasm by the Lighting Designer Stefano Dall’Osso.

The ceiling of the office area is, actually, made of a completely wooden structure and doesn’t allow installing ceiling recessed fittings or making holes for the passage of cables and the predisposition of multiple lighting points. In addition to the annoying reflections caused by display screen equipment, even the glass walls considerably influence the lighting of spaces: it was necessary to consider these and other elements in order to work out an effective solution, compliant to the regulations and sustainable at energetic level.

For the new Valtenna Box Factory, Stefano Dall’Osso chose to ideate custom light fittings that could better meet the requirements of this particular project. Linea Light Group, a leader in the lighting field, put into effect the idea of Stefano Dall’Osso giving birth to an innovative and performing custom luminaire that allowed the realization of a truly unique industrial design project.

Modules with darklight optics for seamless fluorescent lamp have been used for direct lighting and modules in LED technology for diffuse indirect lighting. In order to preserve the beauty of wooden ceilings, in these spaces the power supply of the lighting systems is provided laterally from the wall and then distributed. This allows guaranteeing 500 lux as required by the regulation about the lighting of work places, maintaining, at the same time, the particular nature of the building.

Natural light that crosses the glass walls actively participates to the lighting of spaces: photosensitive sensors have been installed to automatically adjust artificial light according to daylight, by dimming it depending on the need. In this way, nature enters in the architecture of light as a structural element; the work carried out by Stefano Dall’Osso for Valtenna supports the company in its mission of sustainability and promotion of an eco-friendly culture.

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