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From 1833 Antwerp people have enjoyed De Koninck beer and whoever thought that the popular Belgian City Brewer had been sitting on their hands since then, is mistaken. The company has a fresh new look that fits perfectly in today’s times. By restyling the shop Tchai has contributed to the success of what Antwerp people refer to as their ‘Bolleke’.

More shop sales
De Koninck’s visitor centre was opened in September 2015 and has already had thousands of visitors. Something to be proud of – but no reason for the brand to slow down. Anik van Bellegem works in the visitor centre and she says: “We had a shop where people could buy souvenirs after a visit to the brewery. This shop was nice and well laid out – but not per se in a profit making way. Visitors would walk in and out of the shop without really realizing what it was. There was no shop flow and a lot of products weren’t positioned well. After the introduction of our new house style we bought new merchandising products, from key chains to textiles, bags and even skateboards. Because we wanted to bring customers in and wanted to sell more than just glasses and beer, we asked Tchai to help us”. “We had a shop that was nice and well laid out, but not per se in a profit making way”

New shop interior
“In our new house style red pipes have been used. They represent the pipework that runs through the brewery. Visitors see these pipes in all our communications and during their tour of our brewery. Tchai came up with the idea to use these pipes also in the shop concept. That resulted in a big visual and conceptual change that really spoke to us. Many products have been lifted to eye level and have been repositioned to allow better client flow. Besides this Tchai has hired a Visual Merchandiser with whom we discussed which products we could be selling better. On this basis a plan was made and the right products were put in the right place to optimise sales. Tchai also took a look at the shop window. They removed stickers from the windows so people outside can see what is happening inside. Lighting was changed and presentation tableaus were placed in front of the windows. This makes it clear that everyone can come in and shop – local residents and not only visitors to the brewery”.

“When you came in before you were overwhelmed with products and promotions. Thanks to the blocks that have been placed strategically in the shop, customers now feel invited to look left and right. Because of these changes, since the opening in May, we have noticed a big change in the products that we are selling. Textiles for example are now flying out of the door. We even had to re-order!!

The 5 big changes in the shop
1. A shop concept that compliments the De Koninck brand and house style
2. More harmony and overview in the shop
3. Better routing and client flow
4. Better positioning of products
5. More products at eye level

Photography by Ewout Huibers

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