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Phillipe Starck has designed in collaboration with Netatmo — a smart home company developing intuitive connected consumer electronics — the “smart radiator valves”. The voice-controlled Netatmo by Philippe Starck valves allow users to reduce their energy consumption and to control their heating remotely, room by room. The radiator valves feature translucent e-paper screens, for a clear temperature display and low energy consumption. Their minimalist design intertwines elegance and functionality.

The next thing to think about is: for what purpose are we using IoT. The most crucial parameter is to make sure it helps people and improve, even a little bit, their lives. If a technology will permit to a single person to heat up his diner just in time for when he gets home, why not. Here with Netatmo, technology, and IoT directly serve ecology and make us more aware of it and of the necessary to save both energy and money for ou future’s sake. Netatmo “smart valves” work just as well in houses with individual heating already equipped with a Netatmo “thermostat”, as in those that have collective heating. Users connected to collective heating systems can now benefit from a new smart heating solution, with timeless Phillipe Starck styling. Fitted on hot water radiators, the valves regulate heating on a room-by-room basis. They set a heating schedule for each room, adapted to the lifestyle of their inhabitants. By having better control over their energy consumption, users save 37% on energy to heat their home.

Three smart features incorporated into Netatmo valves allow users to make energy savings every day include:
– open window detection: the “valves” detect when a window is open and immediately stop heating the room so as not to waste energy.
– smart regulation: the “valves” precisely analyze external elements in real time—the weather, insulation of the house, the number of people in the room, electrical appliances being used—and adjust the heating of the room to save as much energy as possible.
– manual boost: the user can temporarily increase the temperature of the room at any time. This can be done by manually turning the “valve” or adjusting its temperature from the app.

The smart valves use wi-fi to synchronize with the app and users can access the “Netatmo energy app” from their smartphone, tablet, PC/mac. The accompanying app can control the “valves” and the “thermostat”. Apple homekit allows users to control each of the home smart devices and make them work together, straight from their apple devices. Via siri, users can control heating with their voice. Additionally, they can create customized scenarios to connect smart devices together according to different combinations. For example, lighting and heating will turn on when users come home, or off when the family is sleeping. Netatmo offers the only complete heating solution in Europe that’s compatible with apple homekit.

Design: Philippe Starck

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