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The design of the new Brooks Brothers boutiques in Habour City and Times Square is a continuation of the concept firstly created in IFC, which was inspired from New York at the turn of the 20th century and the Brooks Brothers flagship store at 346 Madison Avenue.

The new theme is to create an atmosphere of a relaxing lounge for gentlemen to refresh themselves in a homey setting. In the new boutique, a four-side stone engraving frame is added around the logo to enhance the cohesiveness of the design image. A light box surrounded by semi-circular cherry wood strips is placed amidst the entrance passage leading to the world of Brooks Brothers.

As we walk inside the boutique, the re-designed shirt wall with the new creamy white lighting system and a matching color backing wall enhanced the elegancy of this area. The addition of the recess ceiling and the embedded light trough augmented the headroom of the shop, bringing a warm feeling to visitors. Special mirroring effects were created with the placement of an rust-treated mirror on top of the circular recess ceiling to further strengthen the feeling of space.

A new set of vintage display tables was introduced to fill the floor space, attaching with low displaying units such as trunks and antique small tables for a dual display system. The iconic grayish mosaic is used in this shop in combination with the dark walnut wooden flooring in order to create the different zoning. Two screen panels toward the back of the shop are introduced for a separation of the VIP areas, with a design that is reminiscent of the signature metal grid of façade.

At the far end of the shop there is a fireplace next to the made-to-measure area to highlight the cozy environment, alongside with a red tailor-made red chesterfield sofa. The result is an elegant and welcoming space, aligning with the brand’s image. Several colorful rugs with trendy geometric pattern are added for creating a dramatic contrast with the main wooden colors of the shop.

Furthermore, the wall of the fitting rooms are laid with macro-shooting photos of Brooks Brother’s shirts, with clear image of the fabric in detail to highlight the achievement of the brand in fashion design. Overall the new design pays tribute to the tradition of Brooks Brothers in its pursuit of high quality and yet, it brings a sense of freshness to the ambience of the boutique.

Wall: America walnut wood, cream white paint, green leather
Floor: walnut wood, mosaic with custom pattern
Ceiling: emulsion paint
Furniture: America walnut wood, Chicago cherry wood, hairline nickel/silver stainless steel, leather
Pedant light – Black aluminum with vintage effect
Feature furniture: Chesterfield sofa, fireplace, vintage table lamp

Interior Design Studio: Stefano Tordiglione Design Ltd
Name of Client: Brooks Brothers Group Inc
Chief Designer: Stefano Tordiglione
Photo: Chester Ong

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