Daily Dose café by Andreas Petropoulos, Kalamata – Greece

May 14th, 2017 by retail design blog

Daily Dose is a small coffee bar that is located next to Justice city hall of Kalamata. The inner of the store consisting of a 20 m2 floor plan, with a small space on the loft which is used as a storage and utility room. The client’s main target was a take away cafe. This was for us the main design priority for the final layout of the floor plan. Consequently we set up the coffee section in front and the food section at the back. The storefront design is based to an opening which enhances customer’s experience by serving hot drinks to outdoors.

A large metallic construction on the left hand side of the inner space is designed to store products and inform the visitors using handwritten coffee and snack menu boards. On the right hand side the old bricks have been revealed and a large mirror gives the sense of a wider space. The bespoke coffee shop logo with the old fashioned font using big capital letters is the main feature of the wall.

Also small metal signs, provides distance and direction information to the customers about the main hotspots of the city. The black and white interior with brut surfaces like plaster, concrete, bricks, combined with black metallic structures and warmer elements such us plywood gives the senses of an old style cafe and provides warmth and coziness. Inspired by the American Sign painters technique, all the labels are handmade giving an extra artistic approach to the total concept.

Design: Andreas Petropoulos
Photography: Nikos Vavdinoudis – Christos Dimitriou

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