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Once again Listone Giordano revolutionises the wooden flooring world, reinterpreting the material surfaces and redefining the classic aesthetic rules and layout: UNDICI is an innovative collection of laser-engraved parquet, born from the collaboration between Listone Giordano – guardian of memory and ancient traditions in the production of high quality wood parquet floorings and InkiostroBianco – brand of handcrafted and custom-made wallpapers.

Carvings and indelible grooves enter into matter to extract a new essence, reinventing the decor blending art and design. A new evocative power emerges from the engraved decoration: as natural as wood and as profound as a hand-sculpted work. Undici is available in three different lines, each made of eleven (UNDICI in Italian) patterns, plus the customizable “touchè”. It can be applied on every surface – floors, walls and piece of furniture, giving a new appearance to any room.

Designed by Inkiostro Bianco: texture, geometry and decorations weave in the wood interconnecting one another, changing and disappearing. The decoration mixes itself with the wrinkles, the shade of colour and the lines of time of the wood.

Designed by Studio Zero: hand-drawn lines imprint in the wood forming patterns and geometries and creating a play of engraving, light and shade. While moving and recomposing throughout the material, the lines form maps and geometric designs, in which the strength of the wood natural traits intensely emerge.

Designed by Emanuele Missaglia: decorations with simple, clear and individual lines combine creating a constantly changing carpet. The engravings exist individually and modularly, conferring additional depth to the surface. A hypnotic and almost three dimensional patterns that makes the surface the protagonist of the room.

Design: Listone Giordano

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