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When travelling, activate the handsfree. Madrid is there to enjoy it, and to discover corner by corner. No rush, without caring about the weight nor the noise of your luggage. With this motto BAG IN BOX is born. A urban locker establishment, for which the marketing, design and interiorism studio Wanna One has developed an integral brand project, from its positioning, verbal universe, design and interiorism.

As a common thread for the brand universe, the creative concept UNBOX YOUR TRAVEL was created. An argument to national and international public, which was also supported, in a visual way, by the shop furniture. The brand was structured enhancing the naming itself, with the intention of making a clear dierence with their competitors.

Concerning the interiorism, the main goal was to cool down the final client, contrasting with the normal rush when travelling. To achieve this, the space was divided by 2 main areas, one for the lockers and a welcoming one, with washed wood benches, inviting clients to stop and take a breath.

Besides, a small space was created as a souvenir boutique, placed in one of the sides of the shop. Keeping this distribution view, Wanna One decided to use contrasting materials, with white tiles and black joints in the central part of the shop and acoustic panels in the upper parts.

To add an extra point of warm to the combination, pink color was chosen for the floor and the signs, which was designed from volumetric icons, according with the graphic line of the logo. In the lockers area, due to the high amount of them, black color was chosen to integrate them in the space and to complement the feeling of peace given by the theatre light created for the area.

In resume, it is a project thought to the smallest detail, like the employee’s uniform, the BAG GUYS, who will add to its black uniform an eternal smile. So you already know, when you visit Madrid, get rid of your luggage and UNBOX YOUR TRAVEL.

Design: Wanna One
Photography: Caulinphoto

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