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The digital invasion of modern lifestyle is an unstoppable phenomenon, boosting comfor, efficiency, and last bit certainly not least, connectivity levels to a new high. As a result, most of the nifty devices we’ve come to depend on, double as prized trophies. It’s hardly surprising that in South Korea, a hotbed of sophisticated electronics companies, this trend has spawned a retail space that reflects ‘the good life’ with a showcase that’s both immersive and alluring. Situated in the town of Yongin, an affluent satellite town south of Seoul and right in the heartland of the Samsung conglomerate, a plush retail concept called Samsung Digital Plaza has recently opened its doors.

Spawning from the notion of a sophisticated and individual lifestyle – it’s something many young Koreans aspire these days – a platform has been created where many of Samsung’s home appliances are showcased in stylish homey settings. The electronics giant tapped Seoul-based architecture practice Betwin Space Design to create the venue’s façade and interior. It’s situated on the ground floor of a new three-storeyed building and measures a sizeable 1,255 sqm. yet feels even bigger thanks to its high ceiling. The façade is clad in perforated pre-moulded metal panels, and it’s this material that largely defines the chosen design, extending also inside covering the store’s expansive ceiling. Interestingly, the aformentioned panels’ rounded corners are a nod to the overall design of Samsung electronics and its brand identity.

The abundance of space at Samsung Digital Plaza sees a meticulous configuration, featuring a series of demarcated display areas that each showcase a different section of Samsung’s vast home appliances range, and with a backdrop of supersized photos of living spaces and scenes of nature. Large-sized products, such as laundry machines and refrigerators are grouped, but smaller home appliances are embedded in homey yet alluring settings with modular furnishings that fully propagate the store’s lifestyle approach. Samsung Digital Plaza’s retail concept signals thorough understanding of the consumer market, and that’s best reflected by the so-called Compact Premium Zone which is dedicated to the single-person household and presents specific products.

Anticipating the on-going obsession with cooking is the complex premium zone which has an abundance of kitchen appliances that capture the latest trends, all featured in dream kitchen settings. Also to be found on the premises is a comfy listening room awash with audio devices by Harman, a company that became a Samsung division early last year, and a Samsung TV zone that presents the latest lifestyle televisions. And yes, these prized possessions are aptly displayed in welcoming living room settings with comfy sofas. The lifestyle aspect of Samsung Digital Plaza is further anchored by a Café where shoppers can recharge in between trophy hunting sprees.

Design and photography: Betwin Space Design

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