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Office that can embody a formless service, want to use narrowly limited space efficiently, make it a space that feels THEO service color, blue. Office would be originality, but it is not flashy. These four points were important items that the client wanted to cherish. As a solution, the ‘Original Standard’ is for a theme using projection mapping at the entrance, directing a technical atmosphere, paying attention to the zoning of space, making it a space where workspace and free space can coexist, we made a clean design based on.

We adopted object and projector mapping in order to realize a formless service, expressing a constantly changing market. In order to finish the service color in a limited space, we made a smooth linear flow that looked like a flowing line, made a tie of color throughout the whole space.

By treating the blue color of the service color of THEO to be linearly connected, we spread a limited space. The entrance embodies the service which is done by displaying numerical characters on the projector mapping in real time on the object created by the mesh material.The combination of the shape of the object and the projector mapping doubled as a representation of a constantly changing market.

The office is on the first floor of the building, and the free space visible from the outside is a space that can be used by outside people. Designed with conscious consideration from the outside to be a space where employees can expect collaboration from outside the company, as well as among other employees.

Employees expect to understand their work better and deepen mutual unity. In this space it is also possible to concentrate work in the workspace and work in a free space and relax. Employees of a company that provides a cash management plan tailored to their lifestyle work in an office where they can choose the way of work that matches their style. Fund operation service using robot adviser and business which is hard to grasp in Japan though we think that it was able to share the world view by challenging to realize by object recruitment.

By giving the sense of unity linearly in a narrow space, it became a healthy space that made it possible to tighten the space, to spread, to make it feel efficient and cramped. Also, by being able to appeal to the outside with a clear free space, it became an office where you can expect relationships not only inside the company but also outside. It seems like an ordinary office and it can be said to be a success example of ‘original standard’ which richly incorporates originality.

Designed by Nobuto Ogawa / BROOK-inc.
Photography by Nacasa & Partners Inc.

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