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2017 Mix Architecture was commissioned by Chun Qin Yuan Ecological Farm, the north of the Yizheng City ecological Farm in a sun shed for the renovation design. The farmer hopes to adjust its function with less input and use the banquet hall as its main function to maximize its benefits. The main body of the Sun shed is the common concrete foundation, light steel structure and sunlight board in rural farm, which is used to cultivate economic seedling. After field research, we found that the project itself is relatively isolated, the surrounding environment to the development of rural areas, there is no unique natural and cultural landscape, the arrival of the urban population is not very convenient.

Therefore, how to break through all kinds of restrictive conditions, as far as possible to excavate the potential of the project itself, and to find a breakthrough to enhance the value of space, the effective stimulation of local rural vitality is the whole design process we need to ponder and solve the problem.

Design Concept
The design starts in the countryside and ends in the countryside. Our design concept stems from a rural scene: the blue sky, innocent fields, buzzing frogs, the fragrant air in the shade of the trees. It attracts you to stay, stay, or suffocate, or play. You can feel the protection of the sun and the moon, the cold and the hot summer, and you can feel the power of nature.

Spatial Strategy
The design of a common middle-axis one-word banquet space model, adjusted to the central stage as the basis of the circular radiation-type banquet space, the formation of the location of the centripetal and the good. Feasting people no longer have primary and secondary, the weight of the points, can feel at home. Selection of materials to reflect the country elements, the use of the farm planted yew seedlings surrounding space to form a true tree-lined background, yew release of oxygen to enhance the climate conditions of the site.

Yellow-brown bamboo woven into 12 tree-shaped pillars, not only hidden the original construction of steel pillars, weakened its industrial traces, but also in an abstract form of the tree under the space form, forming a forest in the ballroom. The ground uses the cement to polish the road surface, the green stone ground, the grassland, the flower field synthesis treatment. Functional services and be serviced space at a glance, streamline reasonable, non-interference.

Industrial Transformation
After entering the operation stage, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the actual demand for social activities far exceeds the design expectations. The space originally conceived is only used as a banquet function such as a wedding birthday and is now selected by a wider range of social activities such as the local marathon team annual meeting, the music performance of country singers, the venue of entertainment programs, and the release of corporate products in the future. meeting. These objective and real needs of social activities provide an additional opportunity for the transformation of the farm industry. People are attracted to it, making its use more diversified and more unexpected. This will continue to enhance its value, but also bring this village more vitality and passion.

Some Thoughts
The pursuit of space is the architect’s inborn belief. Space starts with sensibility and ends with reason. When it is completed, it stands there quietly, watching the scenes of the actual scene, the curtain opening. The curtain call was overwhelming and it remained motionless. Most of the time, the architect has arranged for it some specific, specific functions, such as the ballroom in the case, but more often it will not necessarily follow the path of the architect’s director. It may be able to take on More responsibilities, greater ability to play, more value. This is the value that design can bring, and what we have always hoped to see – the true change that design brings to society and brings to the country.

Architects: Mix Architecture
Design Team: Tao Tang, Suning Zhou, Ziye Wu, Zhuju Wei, Bin Peng
Construction Team: Yizheng Guanshuiling Construction Service Co., Ltd.
Photographs: Lin Cong

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