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BEBECÊ is one of the great women shoe companies in Brazil. Every year the company lauches their summer collection for the next season at the SICC FAIR ( International Hall of leather and shoes) in Gramado, one of the top brazilian tourists cities in the whole country. With a total área of 156 m2 the main Idea was to attract retailers from the entire country to buy their collections for the following season (spring and summer). The briefing mentioned a very unique and harmonious facade, an interior with meeting room, kitchen and cafe for events, an area for the sneakers and another for the products displayed in the campaign and media.

For this edition our That Design Team decided to explore in a very particular way the was the very fabric weave used in the shoes, used in layers. The focus of the team was to create a simple system of plates displayed in a composition to create the effect of a linked wave forming a single composition. The window display system in the facade seems to blend in with the facade as offering to the retailers the highlights of the collections for those walking by the aisle. By the entrance hall some plates are missing to make the area more visually permeable so visitor could take a glimpse of what is offered inside making them a little bit more curious about the products.

Inside the stand we designed the media and sneakers display system to mach the facade, each in different interpretation from what was shown outside the stand. The media area was designed by turning the facade wave into a vertical orientation while in the sneaker area the main thought was to make the weave tearing apart. At total of 14 tables were comfortably displayed so retailers could be easily attended in a way they could see almost the whole stand when seated to do business.

The Cafe part of the stand was inspired by the campaign (that was based on bike riding) with an art created by That and also displaying the original bicycle used in the campaign that later was to be given to one of the lucky visitors.

Designed by That Design Company
Photography by Marcelo Donadussi

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